Our vision at Henkel is to be a global leader in brands and technologies. Innovations are the basis for successfully turning this vision into reality. They assure our future viability and our capacity to adjust proactively in a world where change is constant.

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Bonderite C-NE 6250 from Henkel
Innovative, bactericide-free neutral cleaner
Bonderite C-NE 6250 from Henkel  more...
enkel and Vitriflex: Joint-Development agreement
Henkel Continues to Drive Innovation Leadership
Investment in display technology start-up Vitriflex  more...
New Loctite 5189 sealant
Exceptional flexibility and blow-out resistant sealant
New Loctite 5189 sealant used for 1.0L EcoBoost “Engine of the Year”   more...

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